Case study: Kongsberg Automotive

Case study: Kongsberg Automotive

Here at Telserve, we provide digital communications and technical solutions for numerous companies, businesses and industries working worldwide, every year. That’s why we think it’s important that our customers and prospects know as much about the exciting work we do as possible. Not only does this allow us to explain how we operate and allow clients to familiarise themselves more with our services, but it also showcases the multiple industries we help, and shows you how we could help you in the future.

Here’s our case study highlighting exactly how our work with Kongsberg Automotive allowed them to significantly reduce their costs by over 50%.

Who are Kongsberg Automotive?

Based in Switzerland, Kongsberg Automotive provide world class products to the global vehicle industry. Their products are designed to enhance the driving experience, making it safer, more comfortable and sustainable – driving in approximately 1 billion euros worth of revenues.

As a large company with over 11,000 employees spanning across 19 countries, Kongsberg Automotive are recognised as a global supplier. Their mission and purpose statement is to be the global partner of choice for their customers, employees and stakeholders, by providing advantageous solutions that enhance the driving experience.

With products and services fit for on-highway, off-highway and passenger cars, they specialise in numerous products such as powertrain and chassis, interior products, couplings and industrial fluid products.

The problem

So, why did Kongsberg Automotive need our help?

As a global business operating in numerous countries including USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark, Kongsberg Automotive became a company that suffered from high travel costs and poor network support.

They’d experienced both poor advice and support from mobile network providers in the past, meaning that they needed put their trust in an organisation who has the knowledge, professionalism and puts their best interest at heart.

The solution

To help Kongsberg Automotive with their mobile network issues, and ensure they received an experience contrasting that of previous poor advice and support from mobile networks in the past, we implemented a multi-network contract for Voice and Data. We began working with them on connectivity, business mobiles, international cost control and data line and cabling into a new office.

We performed a deep dive into what Kongsberg Automotive were spending on travel costs, especially for international travel – which allowed us to spot opportunities for cost reduction for their company.

A number of solutions for cost reduction appeared regarding their mobile connectivity. We were then able to manage their mobile devices and deliveries with the UK and globally - which led on to mobiles being set up in offices across the UK and global headquarters. Our services enabled Kongsberg Automotive to revolutionise their ways of working, and become a more successful international business with better profit margins, and less expenditure on international travel and mobile devices.

What we achieved

By managing and auditing the contract of Kongsberg Automotive, Telserve were able to reduce their costs by over 50%.

By working closely with this successful business, we were able to set out a managed programme that we now support, manage and review over a 10-year period. We’ve built up a successful connected enterprise over the last 10 years, and provided a consistent, reliable and professional service that’s provided excellent ROI, and reduced overall costs by 50% for this successful company.

Want to know more about how our digital communications services have helped Kongsberg Automotive, and other industries? Our team are always on hand to chat – get in touch with us today to find out more.



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