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Case study: L&R Medical

Here at Telserve, we provide digital communications and technical solutions for numerous companies, businesses and industries worldwide, every year. That’s why we think it’s important that our customers and prospects know as much about the exciting work we do as possible. Not only does this allow us to explain how we operate, and allow clients to familiarise themselves more with our services, but it also showcases the multiple industries we help, and shows you how we could help you in the future.

Here’s our detailed case study highlighting exactly how our work with L&R Medical allowed them to receive an end-to-end service based on better tariffing, device roll out and protection – all throughout and after coronavirus lockdowns.

Who are L&R Medical?

Based in the UK, L&R Medical – a successful global company and UK market leaders in the world of compression. As proud suppliers to the NHS, they have more than 160 years of experience in producing outstanding wound care and compression therapy products.

L&R famously specialise in three key things: people, health and care – and are proud supporters of multiple organisations, including Tissue Viability Society, The Lymphoedema Support Network and Leg Ulcer Forum.

L&R’s vision for the future reflects their heritage and traditions, helping to shape the healthcare market by working with their customers to develop practical products, with a focus on outstanding quality. They consider themselves a problem solver, and reliable partner to customers.

The problem

So, why did L&R Medical need our help?

As a successful global company operating from the UK across many countries worldwide, the demand for L&R Medical’s services began to increase – which led to them beginning to feel unsupported from their original mobile networks.

Having experienced poor advice and lack of support from these mobile networks in the past, L&R Medical needed an enterprise they could trust – allowing them to reap the benefits of business mobiles and connectivity from a professional, trusted source. They also needed support in device roll out and device protection. Enter, Telserve.

The solution

To help them with their connectivity and mobile networks, we delivered an end-to-end service provision based on better tariffing, device roll out and protection. As well as this, our services were able to provide L&R Medical with onsite support, all throughout and after the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns.

We helped L&R with setting up their phones with MDM (mobile data management), as well as fitting protective screens and cases on the phones themselves. We offered our professional advice around specific suggested tariffs and equipment, facilitating sim transfers from moving to one network from another. We also set up provisions for every single phone they have, and as they are a global company, this led to setting up hundreds of business phones. The way we’ve handled the facilitation of transferring mobile networks and our professionalism was the reason we were able to secure this contract.

In conclusion, the way we helped L&R medical was through:

  • Sim Connectivity
  • Device Roll Out and Device Protection
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Flexible Multi-Network Contracts

What we achieved

By helping L&R with their connectivity and device roll outs, we were able to provide them with the right contract at the right price, with the best value and service. During the coronavirus pandemic, we created a mid-term contract restructure, meaning that we’ve been able to help L&R with their financial restructuring of their contracts. This involved complex, high-level negotiations to support them. As well as this, we have successfully managed flexible multi-network contracts for this huge international company with hundreds of connections.

Want to know more about how our digital communications services have helped L&R Medical, and other industries? Our team are always on hand to chat – get in touch with us today to find out more.



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