Mobile Broadband and IoT (Data Sims)

Keeping you connected is vital for you and your business. 

We have range of secure data connections, including super quick 5G.

Business Mobile Contract

Business Mobile Contract

MiFi and tablet SIMs. When Wi-Fi is not an option or simply drops out - our mobile broadband SIMs keep you online. We can also supply mobile 4G hotspots for up to 20 devices.

Secure M2M (machine 2 machine) SIMs - secure wireless communication.

  • Low level data information such as stock levels, temperature (Router Sims). Internet of Things (IoT devices)
  • high bandwidth streaming on devices such as CCTV (Router Sims)
  • Multi network coverage for enhanced data coverage across the UK (multi IMSI profiles)
  • International sims for global data coverage

Fixed and private IP addresses to all SIMs as well as private APN with optional secure VPN infrastructure.

Telserve can insure your devices against theft, loss, accidental and liquid damage, malicious damage, breakdown and unauthorised use.

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