Using technology to truly embrace working from anywhere


In the new age of working from anywhere technology is key. From the physical hardware you use every day to the connectivity solution that supports your communications; it’s almost impossible to do business remotely without reliable technology.

Telserve will find you the best solution to your connectivity, and you won’t find a better deal

Cloud Voice

With better quality calls, a huge range of smart features and market leading handsets provided for free, Telserve offers affordable and comprehensive Cloud Voice packages for small business owners.

  • Never miss a call
  • No installation or activation fees
  • Next gen technology
  • Add multiple users easily
  • World’s largest IP Voice platforms
  • Simple set-up


Why Choose Telserve



When your teams work in an office, they rely on business connectivity designed to support the demands of the business in order to maximise productivity, but you probably can’t say the same for a home worker’s broadband.
According to research carried out by Zen Internet, home workers lose an average of 30 minutes each day due to unreliable broadband. With more than 80% having reported dropped connections or low speeds preventing them from working efficiently.

In the home environment, the business doesn’t usually own the connectivity relationship. This will mean trusting your business productivity to any number of retail ISPs with whom you have no relationship. The result being, when your employees have connectivity issues there is little you can do to fix it.

All working-from-anywhere businesses should have plans in place to mitigate the impact of poor connectivity for home workers. Without a reliable internet connection, the platforms on which you rely are rendered unusable. Not only are employees unable to access email or browse the web, they are no longer able to use VoIP or UC solutions to communicate with colleagues or customers. This would not only have a negative effect on efficiency but could potentially result in lost business.


Cloud Voice and Super-Fast Connectivity

Cloud Voice and Super-Fast Connectivity has transformed the way businesses can work, enabling flexible workforces and becoming essential solutions for many businesses this year. Provided your teams have the bandwidth to support VoIP you could see an increase in productivity of up to 20% as your employees have the tools they need to work from anywhere.

By choosing a Cloud Voice solution from Telserve, you’ve found an experienced provider that can support the scalability that you need while offering guaranteed reliability and hands-on support for when things do go wrong. Dropped calls and poor quality can mean loss of business, unhappy customers and frustrated employees. Make sure your teams are equipped with a dependable IP communications solution that enables them to do business smoothly without fear of loss of service disrupting their day.


Cyber Security and Device Management

Security should always be a priority, but it’s even more important in a working-from-anywhere business. Home working exposes data to external forces which could compromise your business and potentially result in financial losses. According to SecureTeam, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses. The average cost of a security breach for an SMB is £6,000, and that’s not accounting for lost company time or any impacts on business reputation or customer loyalty.

A security breach can not only have financial ramifications but can also affect how your teams work day-to-day. As reported in the CISO Benchmark Report 2020, malware and malicious spam are the two most significant causes of downtime for businesses. Think about how much time you spend clearing out your inbox each day, whether it’s 20 minutes in the morning or a continuous task throughout the day. Having an enterprise-grade spam filter can help you make better use of your time while protecting your business.

Since the UK went into lockdown and much of the workforce began working from home, 46% of companies have experienced a cybersecurity breach, but only 15% of SMBs say they have the resources to support remote working. If you haven’t already invested in enterprise-grade web and email security now is the time as you’ve never been more at risk.


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