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Mobile Security

Staying secure whilst on the move is often not top-of-mind for most businesses yet mobile devices are an easy target for attackers providing a doorway to your networks and personal information. Our security applications keep your business and data safe.

Mobile Security

Today, the need for protection is more critical than ever before as we store lots of sensitive data on these mobile devices and endpoints.

Mobile security involves the protection of portable devices including laptops, tablets, mobiles and smart watches against emerging cyber threats. Our software utilises machine learning alogorithms fed by millions of data points from millions of devices to identify current and imminent threats and attacks, including ones that have never been seen before.

Full Security protection

Protect your business and your clients data

Our solutions detect threats and vulnerabilities, the network they are connected to, and the applications that users have downloaded.
On-device detection capabilities provide protection whether the device is online or not.

Key Protection Benefits

Protect against costly cyber security breaches

Cover all devices including tablets

Prevent spam and phishing emails

Manage all passwords securely

Unified Management

Real-time protection for mobile threats

Compliance control for mobile devices

Integrates with EMM solutions

Deep threat forensics for analysis

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